Self-publication (CO) Notações gráficas
(CO) Notações Gráficas was a practical workshop that offered participants, during two days (22 and 23 November), the opportunity to engage with these new techniques and approaches to design through the use of graphical notation.
The workshop objectives were the development of sensitivity of other senses, such as hearing, and to understand how we can improve our capability of graphic representation to something that is not visually physical.
Participants were confronted with new experiences that led them to respond to unfamiliar problems. Through experimental music, they were asked to convey the rhythm, the rise, decline, time, silence ...
How can we designers, communicate what we hear? Is there some method adjacent?
When the workshop was done, then came a self-publication titled with the same name, which is an introduction to the workshop, with texts and works of several authors, works from the participants and an interview with them.

Workshop guided by:
Raquel Peixoto

Estudos Contextuais
Prof. José Bartolo
ESAD, JAN. 2015
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